"To be motivated to write a novel, I need to be unable not to write." 

Johnny Rich



Hello fellow writers!


This is a website I created when Google wasn't helping me find one like it. I was trying to write a first date scene but didn't know how to make it realistic, interesting, and also move the plot forward. I needed a list of questions to answer about the date, but I got too much real-world dating advice and not enough to apply to people in my head.


I've always found it useful, if I can't seem to figure out how to write a scene or a setting or a character, to have a set of questions to answer when I don't know where to start. I know that can be hard to find. So now, lo and behold, a list of questions to aid you in all of your writing needs. If I left out any or you're looking for something specific that I don't have, please leave a comment somewhere and I'll do my best to add a page for it!


Of course, this is not a foolproof way to break writer's block; it's just a method that works for me. Go ahead and pick a list of questions to see if it works for you, too!


Happy writing,